What Others Said

From Group Leaders:

“I believe that by going to Denver the past two summers, our youth have been more focused on the issues in our community that they saw in Denver, such as families who are struggling to pay bills, feed their families, etc. This ministry helped our kids become more compassionate for those who need us, not only financially, but spiritually.”
–Anita (Eustis/Farnum, NE)

This is a great way to learn about people who we don’t normally interact with. And a great chance to help others.
–Erin (Lee’s Summit, MO)

I found hope that I was here with 52 young people who now know of the problem and can start to do something to help solve and end the circle.
 –Erick (Allen, TX)

It is a great experience. It is well organized and makes it easy for you to focus on the kids instead of the logistics!
–Libby (Wellington, CO)


From Youth Participants:

Do it. It’ll change your life.
–Zachary, 14 (OK)

The best thing I’ve done yet.
–Gabriellyn, 14 (MN)

I learned you can only truly be humble by serving others, that they are regular people, and we need to work more.
–Joey, 15 (TX)

I learned that even at my age I was able to help in many ways, and that the people were amazing and, well, just people.
–Satcia, 14 (KS)