Taking “Things” Seriously

Workshop Summary:

In this immersion we will explore our relationship to “things”: the hierarchy of basic needs versus the emotional connection with an object.

There are many in our world that have had to flee their homes, because of war and oppression, because of natural disasters, hurricanes, fires, and because of systems within the social structure that harm or otherwise disadvantage individuals or groups that are then deprived of the most basic necessities. What do they take with them??? We will also discuss emotional baggage and explore relationships and conflict between those who have the power and those who don’t: government, homeowners, police versus individuals using public space for private purposes.


Essential Questions:

  • What happens when social structures created to protect society do harm to individuals?
  • What happens when public spaces are used because individuals don’t have private spaces?
  • Where can one keep their things if they do not have shelter?